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Rubio On Hillary Clinton Comparing GOP To Terrorists: ‘They Won’t Even Call Terrorists, Terrorists’
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) told “Fox and Friends” last week that the most offensive thing about Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton comparing Republicans to terrorists is that Democrats won’t even call “terrorists, terrorists,” but they have no problem calling their political opponents that. “Here’s what’s most offensive about it: They won’t call terrorists, terrorists, going all the way back to Benghazi and before that, but they call their political opponents terrorists. So you’re gonna see a lot more of this in the weeks to come,” predicted Rubio on Friday. CNS News
VOA VIEW: The truth hurts.

U.S. Says 19 Million Takata Air Bag Inflators Still Need Repair
U.S. safety regulators on Tuesday said that about 19 million defective Takata Corp (7312.T) air bag inflators remain installed in U.S. vehicles, and that no root cause to the problem has been found. About 19.2 million vehicles containing a total of 23.4 million air bag inflators made by 11 automakers have been recalled, a NHTSA official said. The inflator figure is higher because about 4 million vehicles have defective Takata air bag inflators on both driver and passenger sides, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration official said. The official briefed reporters on a telephone conference call to update an issue that has been the subject of several U.S. congressional hearings. Takata air bags can explode with too much force, sending shrapnel into the vehicle. Reuters

Trump vs. Bush: The Gloves Are Now Off
Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Jeb Bush have traded rhetorical punches before, but never as forcefully as they have over the past 24 hours. Consider: On Monday, Trump's campaign unveiled a video attacking Bush's past comment calling illegal immigration "an act of love" - by highlighting three undocumented immigrants who have committed murder. Tuesday morning, the Bush campaign responded in kind - with its own video underscoring Trump's past liberal-leaning positions on abortion and health care. And while campaigning in his hometown of Miami, Bush doubled down on his campaign's video. "This is not a guy who's a conservative and using his own words is not a mischaracterization, they came from his own mouth," Bush said on Trump. MSNBC
VOA VIEW: Ut's foolish to street fight Trumpt.

Obama Picks Up More Support For Iran Deal, Needs One More Senator To Prevail
Two more Democrats announced support Tuesday for President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, putting the White House a single senator away from assuring it can prevent Congress from scuttling the agreement and leaving GOP leaders hoping to avoid an even bigger embarrassment of losing to a filibuster. With about 10 Democrats still to decide, it’s a lock that at least one of them will back Mr. Obama, giving him the 34 votes needed to uphold his expected veto of a bill to halt the deal. Washington Times


Twitter Offers Working Mothers Free Breast Milk Shipping
Twitter is now offering its working mothers free shipping of breast milk when they travel on business trips. The program launched in July, according to Fortune magazine, who first reported the story. It allows mothers who breastfeed to ship their milk home in temperature-controlled packaging via FedEx at no cost to them. The idea for breast milk delivery came from Twitter's "Mommy Mentor" program, which aims to make the transition back to work easier for moms and pregnant employees with the help of peer mentorship. "One of the Mommy Mentors who was traveling for work said this would be an awesome program and we ran with it," Janet Van Huysse, Twitter's vice president of diversity and inclusion, told NBC News via email. MSNBC

Hillary Clinton’s Email Reveal: John Boehner Is A Lazy ‘Alcoholic,’ Aide Insists
In one of the newly-released emails from former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, longtime Clinton confidante Sidney Blumenthal calls House Speaker John A. Boehner “alcoholic” and “lazy” and said he is despised by younger Republicans in the House. The email, dated Nov. 2, 2010, had the subject line “H: election day memo on post-midterms. Sid.” On the same day, Republicans re-took control of the U.S. House of Representatives, which eventually elevated Mr. Boehner, Ohio Republican, in January 2011 to the title he now holds. Washington Times

Chaput Backs 'Birthright Citizenship,' Jabs Trump
Foreshadowing a theme that Pope Francis is expected to trumpet on his forthcoming visit here, Philadelphia Archbishop Charles J. Chaput waded into the nation's fierce debate on immigration Tuesday. He outlined the social costs of a "flawed immigration system." He reprised a Christian's obligation "to protect migrant families." The address he titled "Sanity, Indifference, and the American Immigration Debate" took a poke at Republican White House candidate Donald Trump. "At least one of our presidential candidates has already made the national immigration debate ugly with a great deal of belligerent bombast," he told participants at a three-hour panel discussion that drew about 130 people to the archdiocesan pastoral center in Center City. Philadelphia Inquirer
VOA VIEW: Clergy should stick with religion and stay out of politics.

U.S. Launches Secret Drone Campaign To Hunt ISIS Leaders In Syria
The CIA and U.S. special operations forces have launched a secret campaign to hunt terrorism suspects in Syria as part of a targeted killing program that is run separately from the broader U.S. military offensive against the Islamic State, U.S. officials said. The CIA and the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command are both flying armed drones over Syria in a collaboration responsible for several recent strikes against senior Islamic State operatives, the officials said. Among those killed was a British extremist believed to be an architect of the terror group's effort to use social media to incite attacks in the United States, the officials said. The clandestine program represents a significant escalation of the CIA's involvement in the war in Syria, enlisting the agency's powerful Counterterrorism Center against an extremist group that many officials believe has eclipsed al-Qaeda as a threat. Philadelphia Inqurier

CNN’s Rule Change Could Let Fiorina Join GOP Debate After All
Carly Fiorina may be joining CNN’s Sept. 16 GOP presidential debate now that the network has changed the rules for qualifying. CNN will consider an average of polling data from Aug. 6 — the night of the first Republican debate on Fox News — through Sept. 10 in deciding which 10 candidates will attend the showdown in Simi Valley, Calif. Fiorina’s poll ratings skyrocketed after that first debate.  NY Post

How A Patent Law Tweak May Add $1.3 Billion In Drug Costs
If the pharmaceutical industry has its way, a little-known patent challenge will soon be as antiquated as using bloodletting to treat illnesses. The downside for consumers, however, is an additional $1.3 billion in estimated pharmaceutical costs to federal health care programs over the next decade, according to The Wall Street Journal. The estimate comes from an analysis performed by the Congressional Budget Office this summer, which hasn't been released to the public, according to the report. The CBO didn't immediately return a request for comment. At the center of the debate is a process called "inter partes review" (IPR) which was introduced in 2012 as a way to fight patent trolls, or companies that make money through litigating patents but that don't actually create anything. CBS


Clinton Friend Advised On U.S. Politics, Foreign Policy
An old friend of former secretary of state Hillary Clinton played an outsized role in advising her on U.S. politics and even her dealings with President Barack Obama's White House despite holding no formal government position. The State Department released emails on Monday that showed adviser Sid Blumenthal sent Clinton exhaustive memos on domestic issues, taking a more active role in advising her than was previously known. He urged her to speak out against Tea Party conservatives and encouraged her to get the White House to "rein in" a key Obama aide who had upset him, Her close links to Blumenthal, a former aide to President Bill Clinton, could rebound on the former first lady as she runs for the Democratic nomination for the November 2016 presidential election. Reuters

Carly Fiorina Hoping For A Spot On Main CNN Debate Stage
Carly Fiorina thinks she should be in the top-tier Republican primary debate hosted by CNN on September 16 - an event that is restricted to the top 10 candidates according to an average of public polls. It turns out at least one rival GOP campaign agrees. "We think it's ridiculous that Carly Fiorina isn't on the debate," Barry Bennett, Ben Carson's campaign manager, told Politico. "She's what, fifth? She should be on the main debate stage." "We don't like how far back they're going in the polls," Bennett said of CNN's polling average, which will incorporate surveys from as far back as July 16. "Why does anyone care where someone was in presidential preference polls [three months ago]?" CBS

Dick And Liz Cheney Slam Hillary Clinton, Encourage Joe Biden To Run
Former Vice President Dick Cheney took aim at Hillary Clinton and the email scandal that she is embroiled in and threw his support behind the current second-in-command, Joe Biden. The former vice president encouraged Biden to run for president during an interview with Portland’s KEX radio, but declined to give their opinions on the 2016 GOP field, saying they would endorse the eventual nominee. “I like Joe. I think Joe’s a good man, I think he ought to run for president," he said. "I think the Democrats need more candidates. I’m hoping Joe will get in the race.” ABC

Clinton, Using Private Server, Wrote And Sent E-Mails Now Deemed Classified
While she was secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton wrote and sent at least six e-mails using her private server that contained what government officials now say is classified information, according to thousands of e-mails released by the State Department. Although government officials deemed the e-mails classified after Clinton left office, they could complicate her efforts to move beyond the political fallout from the controversy. They suggest that her role in distributing sensitive material via her private e-mail system went beyond receiving notes written by others, and appears to contradict earlier public statements in which she denied sending or receiving e-mails containing classified information. Washington Post
VOA VIEW: Hillary lies with a straight face.

Shell President: 'Oil Will Be Required For A Long Time'
The president of Shell Oil Co. said exploratory drilling off Alaska's northwest coast is going well despite stormy weather last week that caused the company to halt operations for a few days. And in an interview Tuesday with The Associated Press Marvin Odum said he expects further protests against the company's plans for Arctic drilling like the ones in Seattle and Portland where activists in kayaks tried to block Shell vessels. Arctic offshore drilling is bitterly opposed by environmental groups
In Seattle, Shell faced protests on the water by "kayaktivists" upset over the company staging equipment in the city. In Portland, Oregon, Greenpeace USA protesters hung from the St. Johns Bridge to delay a Shell support vessel, from heading to the Arctic. Houston Chronicle

Biden To Test Political Waters In Florida As He Mulls 2016
Vice President Joe Biden is headed to Florida, where he's sure to get a glimpse of his presidential prospects as he considers a late entry into the 2016 Democratic primaries. Biden plans to appear at Miami Dade College and headline a private fundraiser for Senate Democrats on Wednesday as he mulls a potential challenge to Democratic front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton. Interest in a Biden bid has intensified in recent weeks as Clinton has struggled with what some Democrats consider a lackluster start to her campaign and scrutiny over her use of a private email account and server as President Barack Obama's secretary of state. "There's a malaise inside the race right now with Clinton. People I know who are supporting her are not necessarily withdrawing, but are unenthusiastic," said Tony Bisagnano, an Iowa state senator who backed Biden's campaign in 2008 and wants him to run again. Houston Chronicle

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Cause Of Mysterious, Fatal Brain Disease Linked To Mad Cow Disease-Like Proteins
Researchers believe they have found the cause of a mysterious and fatal brain disease that leaves patients with symptom's similar to Parkinson's disease, including rigid muscles, tremors and low blood pressure. Called Multiple System Atrophy (MSA), the disease is rare but devastating, affecting three out of every 100,000 people over the age of 50. Researchers have now uncovered that the disease is likely caused by infectious proteins similar to the ones that cause Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease, the human form of mad cow disease. Those with the disease generally show symptoms in their 50s and their health rapidly declines in the subsequent 5ive to 10 years, with progressive loss of motor function, according to the National Institutes of Health. ABC

Oil Traders See Bungee Cord Snap Back In Wild Market Swings
Oil’s bungee cord snapped back Tuesday, extending the wildest swings in seven months. After surging 27 percent in three days, prices tumbled almost 8 percent Tuesday. At the heart of the reversal were doubts that OPEC and other oil exporters will be able to coordinate a production cut. "We haven’t had that Goldilocks moment. It’s always too hot or too cold." Carl Larry, head of oil and natural gas for Frost & Sullivan LP, said by phone from Houston. "We’re all a lot like OPEC right now in trying to find fair value." The Chicago Board Options Exchange Crude Oil Volatility Index climbed to the highest level since March 17. The gauge of hedging costs on the U.S. Oil Fund, the biggest exchange-traded fund tracking WTI, advanced 40 percent in August, the most this year. Bloomberg

Daily Marijuana Use Among College Students At Highest Rate In 35 Years
U.S. college students today smoke weed at a higher rate than at any time in the past 35 years, surpassing daily cigarette smoking for the first time in 2014. But students are into more than pot. The study also shows ecstasy and cocaine use are rising. They’re imbibing less, though: Consumption of alcohol, the quintessential party drink, is on the decline. Those findings were revealed Tuesday in Monitoring the Future, an ongoing study from the Univ. of Michigan. USA Today
VOA VIEW: Educated fools.

Wills Of Millions Of Americans Now Available Online
Paul Revere left all his household furniture to an unmarried daughter. Harriet Beecher Stowe bequeathed her stock in several railroads and a Florida orange grove to her son. Daniel Webster willed a beloved grandson a gold snuff box with the head of George Washington on it and all his fishing tackle. Eli Whitney left two nephews $1,000 each. Such mundane details that shed fascinating insights into the family relationships of some of America's most famous citizens are now just a mouse click away thanks to, which has digitized the wills and probate records of about 100 million Americans dating from the Colonial era to the beginning of the 21st century. Most Americans know the grand narrative of the nation's most famous historical figures, but the new trove of records contains information not found in most history books. It's also an invaluable resource for ordinary Americans digging into their roots. Atlanta Journal

Bernie Sanders Is Hot – But It’s Still Summer
Sure, Bernie Sanders is electable. The senator from Vermont is enjoying a summer surge as he seeks the Democratic presidential nomination. He’s doing well among Democrats in Iowa and New Hampshire against party front-runner Hillary Clinton. He’s attracting support from new voters. In national general election matchups, he’s competitive against top Republicans. So far, though, he’s faced little serious scrutiny or criticism. “Sanders has been running around the track on his own,” said Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion in New York. Supporters compare the Sanders boomlet to 2007-vintage Barack Obama, then a little-known U.S. senator from Illinois. Charlotte Oberver

Police Address Mix-Up Leaves Man, Officer Wounded, Dog Dead
Tama Colson was finishing an evening walk when she saw the police cars speed into her neighborhood. As she approached her home she heard a loud "pop-pop-pop" and saw her neighbors fleeing into their yard two houses down. "They shot me and they shot my dog!" one neighbor yelled as his wife ran screaming, according to Colson. The shooters were DeKalb County police officers who were dispatched Monday night to check out a possible burglary reported at a southeast Atlanta home, authorities said. The officers went to the wrong house. The consequences were bloody. Authorities said Tuesday the responding officers shot homeowner Christopher McKinley, killed his dog and "likely" shot a fellow officer, Travis Jones, leaving him seriously wounded. San Diego Union


Donald Trump Set To Appear On ‘The Tonight Show’
Jimmy Fallon, who does a mean Donald Trump impersonation on “The Tonight Show,” will soon share the stage with the real thing. The GOP presidential candidate will appear on Fallon’s show on Sept. 11, NBC announced Tuesday. The booking comes shortly after Trump’s nemesis, Jeb Bush, agreed to appear on the debut show of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” Sept. 8. Fallon impersonated Trump with a wild blond toupee and spray-tanned skin last month, boasting about his debate performance — “It’s going to be yoooge!”NY Post

Obama Becomes Tourist-In-Chief As He Knocks Sites Off His Bucket List
President Obama hiked alone up a gravel path toward Exit Glacier, gazing at a mass of flowing ice as it melted into the plain below. Obama is in legacy-building mode here in Alaska, where he has come to talk about the rapidly unfolding effects of climate change and the urgent need to address it. He saw the consequences of global warming during his trek to the glacier, which has receded more than a mile during the past 200 years because of rising temperatures. But he is also in bucket-list mode, increasingly determined to use his remaining 15 months in office to do and see spectacular things. These days, when Obama’s policy agenda overlaps with an irresistible sightseeing opportunity, he grabs it. Seattle Times

Hillary Suggested Mexico Was Hypocritical On Illegal Immigration
As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton suggested that Mexico was hypocritical in criticizing the State of Arizona for cracking down on illegal immigration when Mexico does the same thing. Her May 20, 2010 email to one of her State Department aides said Mexico's treatment of the undocumented was "Another example of 'you should take the log from your own eye before criticizing the speck in your neighbor's.'" Clinton sent that email on the same day that then-Mexican President Felipe Calderon addressed a joint session of the U.S. Congress, criticizing Arizona's strict new immigration law. (The Supreme Court, at the Obama administration's request, later struck down three of the law's four provisions.) CNS News

Louisiana Arguing To Keep 'Angola Three' Inmate Locked Up
Louisiana attorneys are set to ask a federal appeals court Wednesday to block the release of longtime state inmate Albert Woodfox and allow prosecutors to try him a third time in the 1972 death of a prison guard. Woodfox is the last still-incarcerated member of a group that supporters dubbed the "Angola Three" for their decades-long stays in isolation at the Louisiana Penitentiary at Angola and other state prisons. U.S. District Judge James Brady in Baton Rouge ordered Woodfox's "immediate" release in June and took the extraordinary step of barring a third trial for the 68-year-old inmate in the death of prison guard Brent Miller.
Brady noted that 43 years have passed since the crime, key witnesses have died and there is no physical evidence linking him to the stabbing. Tampa Tribune

'Concussion' Director Says No Compromises Were Made For NFL
A day after its trailer debuted online and months before it hits theaters, the Will Smith football head-trauma film "Concussion" is already sparking controversy. Citing studio emails leaked in the hack of Sony Pictures, The New York Times reported Tuesday that "Concussion" was altered to avoid antagonizing the NFL. The Times quoted one email that discusses a top Sony lawyer taking "most of the bite" out of the film "for legal reasons with the NFL." In a statement to The Associated Press, "Concussion" director Peter Landesman disputed that report. He called his film, in which Smith plays the forensic pathologist Bennet Omalu who discovered that chronic brain damage factored in the deaths of NFL players, "a David and Goliath story." Tampa Tribune

More Than Half Of Immigrants On Welfare
More than half of the nation's immigrants receive some kind of government welfare, a figure that's far higher than the native-born population, according to a report to be released Wednesday. About 51% of immigrant-led households receive at least one kind of welfare benefit, including Medicaid, food stamps, school lunches and housing assistance, compared to 30% for native-led households, according to the report from the Center for Immigration Studies, a group that advocates for lower levels of immigration. Those numbers increase for households with children, with 76% of immigrant-led households receiving welfare, compared to 52% for the native-born. USA Today
VOA VIEW: Illegals come to the land of opportunity - FREEdom

Iranian Hard-Liners Unveil Anti-US Plaque At Former Embassy
More than a dozen hard-line Iranian students have unveiled an anti-American plaque at the gate of the former U.S. Embassy in Tehran. The plaque unveiled Wednesday by the Basij paramilitary forces carries a list of condemnations of America uttered by the Islamic republic's late founder, Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. During the gathering, the students set fire to U.S., British and Israeli flags. Iran and the U.S have had no diplomatic relations since 1979, when Iranian students stormed the embassy and took 52 Americans hostage for 444 days. Hard-liners in Iran have stepped up displays of anti-American fervor since the signing of a landmark nuclear agreement with Washington and five world powers last month. Kansas CIty Star

More Than 225,000 Apple IPhone Accounts Hacked
Security company Palo Alto Networks is calling the attack "the largest known Apple account theft caused by malware." Palo Alto Networks (PANW) discovered the hack along with Chinese tech group WeipTech. The good news for most iPhone customers is that the malware, nicknamed KeyRaider, only targets "jailbroken" iPhones.
Jail-breaking allows iPhone owners to access parts of a phone's file systems that are otherwise restricted for security reasons. KeyRaider is mostly found in Chinese websites and apps that provide software for jailbroken iPhones. But the malware has spread far beyond China, showing up in 18 countries, including the United States. CNN

Google Gives Logo Its Biggest Revamp In 16 Years
Google Inc. is changing its logo and identity, reflecting a digital world centered on mobile devices. In one of the biggest changes since 1999, the Web company’s new banner uses a simpler sans-serif typeface while retaining the four colors -- red, blue, yellow and green -- for the name Google, the company said in a blog on Tuesday. The revamp, which will apply to all of the company’s branded products, are meant to make it easier to identify the search giant on the smallest of screens. Bloomberg

Man Who Got Life For Marijuana Charge Goes Free In Missouri
A man sentenced to life without parole on a marijuana-related charge was freed Tuesday from a Missouri prison after being behind bars for more than two decades — a period in which the nation's attitudes toward pot steadily softened. Family, friends, supporters and reporters flocked to meet Jeff Mizanskey as he stepped out of the Jefferson City Correctional Center into a sunny morning, wearing a new pair of white tennis shoes and a shirt that read "I'm Jeff & I'm free." "I spent a third of my life in prison," said Mizanskey, now 62, who was greeted by his infant great-granddaughter. "It's a shame." After a breakfast of steak and eggs with family, Mizanskey said, he planned to spend his post-prison life seeking a job and advocating for the legalization of marijuana. He criticized sentencing for some drug-related crimes as unfair and described his time behind bars as "hell." Las Vegas Sun

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During Jubilee, Priests Can Absolve Faithful Of Abortion Sin, Pope Says
Pope Francis is applying his vision of a merciful church to women who have had abortions, saying Tuesday he realizes some feel they had no choice and making their path toward forgiveness simpler. In a letter published by the Holy See, Francis said he was allowing all rank-and-file priests to grant absolution during the Year of Mercy he has proclaimed, which runs Dec. 8, 2015 until Nov. 20, 2016. The church views abortion as such a grave sin that it put the matter of granting forgiveness for an abortion in the hands of a bishop, who could either hear the woman's confession himself or delegate that to a priest who is expert in such situations. Fox News

Obama To Propose building Of New Icebreakers To Protect US Interests In Arctic
President Obama will ask Congress Tuesday to speed up the construction of new icebreaker ships in order to protect U.S. interests and resources in the Arctic, amid growing concern that the U.S. has ceded influence to Russia in the strategic waters. The proposals will be made on the second day of Obama's three-day trip to Alaska, during which the president has focused largely on climate change. The president's agenda called for him to travel to Seward, Alaska, where he planned to hike to Exit Glacier and tour Kenai Fjords National Park by boat. Fox News

Police Looking At Videos That Show Texas Deputies Shoot Man
Authorities in Texas are examining two videos recorded by bystanders that show sheriff's deputies in Bexar County, Texas, shooting and killing a man. One four-minute video has been made public by a San Antonio television station that acquired it from the man who recorded it Friday. It is shot from a distance and it appears Gilbert Flores has at least one hand in the air (the other cannot be seen) when he is shot. The other video has not been released by police. Bexar County District Attorney Nicholas LaHood told CNN the video is "a better view to make an assessment on what happened. It is a closer view and a better angle." CNN

Carter, In Folksy Talks, Describes US Military Of Future
Defense Secretary Ash Carter is using a speech and wide-ranging exchange with troops on social media sites to press his agenda for change in the military. And he's signaling his early support for expanded maternity leave, women serving in combat jobs and greater flexibility pay, promotions and benefits. Carter is making clear his intention to drag the Defense Department into the future. And he often sounds like he's made up his mind, even though he hasn't yet gotten his military leaders' recommendations. He tells a pregnant soldier the military will march in lock step on plans to expand maternity leave. And while military officers haven't forwarded their final reports on whether combat jobs should remain closed to women, Carter said no one should be barred from the chance to try. Las Vegas Sun

Heart Age Of Most Americans Outpaces Their Actual Age
Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 3 out of 4 adults in the United States have a heart age that is older than their actual age, posing potential health risks for nearly 69 million adults between the ages of 30 and 74. Heart age is based on is the calculated age of a person's cardiovascular system based on risk and lifestyle health factors such as high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes and BMI. "Too many U.S. adults have a heart age years older than their real age, increasing their risk of heart disease and stroke," said Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the CDC, in a press release. "Everybody deserves to be young -- or at least not old -- at heart." UPI

Coffee May Increase Risk For Heart Events, Diabetes In Young Adults
Young adults with high blood pressure who drink 4 or more cups of coffee per day are 4 times as likely to have a cardiovascular event as those who abstain from the beverage, according to a 12-year study in Italy. The risk was found to be strongest for heavy drinkers, however coffee consumption overall was found to increase the risk with researchers seeing a three-fold increase for moderate drinkers, who were defined as having 1 to 3 cups per day. "There is controversy surrounding the long term cardiovascular and metabolic effects of coffee consumption in patients with hypertension," said Dr. Lucio Mos, a cardiologist at Hospital of San Daniele del Friuli, in a press release. "Our study was designed to evaluate whether coffee drinking had an effect on the risk of cardiovascular events, and if the association was mediated by effects on blood pressure and glucose metabolism." UPI

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Rivlin: West Bank Settlements Are As Israeli As Tel Aviv
The settlements in Samaria are as much a part of Israel as the country’s largest city Tel Aviv, said President Reuven Rivlin as he visited an elementary school in the community of Peduel. “Sometimes, people talk of the state of Tel Aviv or the state of Jerusalem, the Jewish state and the state of Israel,” Rivlin said as he stood in the school’s courtyard to help celebrate the first day of classes. “Those who live here know that there is no such thing as the state of Tel Aviv or the state of Jerusalem. There is just one country, the state of Israel,” said Rivlin. As he looked at out at the several hundred elementary school children that sat on folding chairs, under a large tan cloth awning, the president spoke of the role their West Bank community played in the history of the nation and the state. Jerusalem Post

Budget To Go To First Vote In Knesset, Final Vote Set For Nov. 20
The Knesset is scheduled to vote on the 2015-2016 state budget – the government’s first since March’s election – in its first reading on Wednesday. After the 2,000-page budget and the Economic Arrangements Bill, which is passed at the same time as the budget, pass a first reading, the Knesset Finance Committee will begin discussing them next week to prepare for their final vote, set to take place on November 20. On Monday, when Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon submitted the 13-month budget to the Knesset, he said he was proud that it is “responsible and balanced” and “expresses the government’s order of priorities. Jerusalem Post

Islamic State Battles Syrian Rebel Forces In Damascus
Militants from the jihadist group are reportedly battling Jaysh al-Islam fighters in the Qadam district and those of Ajnad al-Sham in nearby Asali. The fighting has brought IS closer than ever to the heart of the capital. Correspondents say it is unclear whether the attacks will be limited to rebel-held areas or will later shift to the government-controlled city centre. IS militants launched the assaults on Qadam and Asali over the weekend from Hajar al-Aswad, where they have been based since July 2014. The pro-IS Amaq news agency reported that the jihadist group had captured half of Qadam and supporters posted photographs purportedly showing militants advancing through the district. BBC

US Murder Rate Sees Sharp Increase In 2015
Murder rates have increased sharply across the US in 2015, with at least 30 cities reporting a rise in violence. Experts say factors may vary from city to city, but no-one really knows what has caused the trend, which was first identified this summer. The latest figures obtained by the New York Times show Milwaukee has seen the biggest spike, with a 76% increase. It is followed by St Louis, Missouri, which has seen a 60% increase, and Baltimore, Maryland, with a 56% rise. Some senior police officials say that heightened scrutiny of use of force by officers may have caused them to withdraw from everyday policing and emboldened criminals. BBC

Bill Clinton Hovering Just Off Screen In Latest Batch Of Hillary Clinton Emails
Newly released emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server reveal the continuing influence in international affairs of her husband, former president Bill Clinton. Both the former president and the Clintons’ daughter, Chelsea, appear in the thousands of emails dated January 2009 to December 2010 released by the State Department late Monday, most often in relation to the 2010 crisis following the earthquake in in Haiti. The former president was named special envoy to the island by the UN a year earlier, and the family’s Clinton Foundation has taken an extended and complicated interest in the country for years. Guardian

Dick Cheney Defends America's Use Of Torture, Again, In New Book
Dick Cheney has defended the Bush administration’s approval of the use of torture again in a new book about American exceptionalism written with his daughter Liz Cheney. The book, Exceptional, argues that the United States is “the greatest force for good the world has ever known” and should remain so in spite of a current run of poor leadership by President Barack Obama. It includes Cheney’s latest rebuttals of charges that he damaged the United States by sanctioning torture after the 9/11 attacks and by backing the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Guardian

General Assembly Hands Over Draft Global Sustainability Agenda To UN Member States
The United Nations General Assembly today approved a resolution sending the draft ‘2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’ to Member States for adoption later this month, bringing the international community “to the cusp of decisions that can help realize the… dream of a world of peace and dignity for all,” according to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. “Today is the start of a new era. We have travelled a long way together to reach this turning point,” declared Mr. Ban, recounting the path the international community has taken over the 15 years since the adoption of the landmark Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) towards crafting a set of new, post-2015 sustainability goals that will aim to ensure the long-term well-being of our planet and its people. UN News

Gaza Could Become Uninhabitable In Less Than Five Years Due To Ongoing ‘De-Development’– UN Report
A new report published by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development on assistance to the Palestinian people warns that the Gaza Strip could become “uninhabitable” by 2020 if current economic trends persist. In addition to eight years of economic blockade, over the past six years, Gaza has endured three military operations that have shattered its ability to export and produce for the domestic market, ravaged its already debilitated infrastructure, and left no time for reconstruction and economic recovery. UN News

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