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NEWS     MONDAY,  JUNE 18 , 2018    NEWS

Dems' Newest Push To Enter Immigration Facility Triggers Tension As Melania Trump Weighs In
The Father's Day episode was the latest in a series of similar trips by Democratic lawmakers to immigration detention centers, which are part of a broader effort to draw attention to the family members who have been separated by federal authorities while illegally crossing the border from Mexico into the United States. Also Sunday, first lady Melania Trump weighed in. “Mrs. Trump hates to see children separated from their families & hopes both sides of the aisle can finally come together to achieve successful immigration reform. She believes we need to be a country that follows all laws but also a country that governs w/heart,” her office told Fox. Fox
VOA VIEW: Following and respecting the law is primary.

FBI Agent Pulled From Mueller Probe Over Anit Trump Texts
A top FBI agent who was removed from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation after the discovery of anti-Trump texts he sent to his mistress is willing to testify before Congress about his actions, The Washington Post reported Sunday. Aitan Goelman, the attorney for Peter Strzok, told the Post that his client would not invoke his Fifth Amendment rights and would be willing to testify without an immunity deal. "[Strzok] thinks that his position, character and actions have all been misrepresented and caricatured," Goelman said, "and he wants an opportunity to remedy that." Fox News
VOA VIEW: Strzok has much to worry about.

Dem Congressman: Family Separation 'On All Of Us'
Texas Democratic Rep. Beto O'Rourke on Sunday railed against the Trump administration separating children from parents at the border, but said responsibility for what is happening is on everyone. "This is inhumane," O'Rourke said on CNN's "State of the Union." "I'd like to say it's un-American, but it's happening right now in America. And it is on all of us, not just the Trump administration. This is on all of us." CNN
VOA VIEW: The law is the law and  should not be different for illegals than born Americans.

'Neighborhood Beef' Leads To 22 Injured In NJ Art Festival Shooting
Twenty-two people, including a teenager, were injured early Sunday in a shooting at a 24-hour art festival in Trenton, New Jersey, the Mercer County Prosecutor's Office said. One suspect, a 33-year-old man, is believed to have been killed by police, prosecutor Angelo Onofri said. Another suspect was taken into custody, he said. Police recovered multiple weapons. CNN


Kellyanne Conway: 'Nobody Likes' Policy Separating Migrant Kids At Border
Senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway said Sunday that "nobody likes" the separation of migrant children from their parents at the nation's southern border but took issue with the idea that the Trump administration is using the children to force Democrats to the table on border security. NBC
VOA VIEW: The law must be followed.

How Some Elite Charter Schools Exclude Minorities
Parents of prospective students converged on Lake Oconee Academy for an open house on a bright but unseasonably cold March afternoon for northern Georgia. A driveway circling a landscaped pond led them to the school’s main hall. The tan building had the same luxury-lodge feel as the nearby Ritz-Carlton resort. Parents oohed and aahed as Jody Worth, the upper school director, ushered them through the campus. NBC
VOA VIEW: Blacks do not like or want harder and stricter schools.

Saudit Led Coalition Conducts Air Strikes On Yemen's Hodeidah Airport
Houthi forces fought to keep control of the airport in Yemen’s main port city of Hodeidah on Sunday as Saudi-led coalition air strikes struck the compound, in an offensive that could be a turning point in the three-year conflict. Losing Hodeidah would deal a serious blow to the Iran-aligned Houthis, cutting supply lines from the Red Sea to their stronghold in the capital Sanaa. Reuters


Giuliani: Mueller Probe Should Itself Be Investigated
President Donald Trump’s attorney said Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election should itself be the subject of a Justice Department examination. “We want the Mueller probe to be investigated the way the Trump administration has been investigated, and we’d like to see a report with the conclusions,” Rudy Giuliani said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.” InfoWars

Trump Rattles Pentagon With Korea War Games Decision
President Trump‘s decision this week to cancel large-scale joint military exercises with South Korea rattled Pentagon officials, who did not anticipate the news or have a strong role at the summit itself, according to defense experts. The surprise declaration, which came after Trump met with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un, is an apparent concession to Pyongyang, which has claimed the drills are merely a pretext for a strike on the North. InfoWars
VOA VIEW: You can't talk peace and continue with war games.

Georgia's GOP Frontrunner For Governor In Hot Water Over Corruption Allegations
The 2018 Georgia governor's race has shaped up to be one of the most interesting in the state's history. For the first time in the modern era, all of the Republican candidates have been members of the GOP for their entire political careers. This is, of course, as opposed to the last two Republicans — the first GOP governors since Reconstruction — who were Democrats before crossing the aisle during the Clinton years. PJ Media

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Gowdy: GOP Will Hit DOJ With Full Arsenal If They Ignore Subpoenas
House Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy warned the DOJ and the FBI on Sunday that Republicans will come after them if they choose not to comply with subpoena requests. Gowdy told “Fox News Sunday” that House Speaker Paul Ryan led a meeting with FBI and DOJ officials on Friday night and “made very clear there’s going to be action on the floor of the House this week if FBI and DOJ do not comply with our subpoena request.” Daily Caller
VOA VIEW: It's about time.

Trump: Washington Post Employees Should Go On Strike
President Donald Trump attacked Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and The “Fake News” Washington Post in a Sunday morning tweet. Trump asserted that Washington Post employees “want to go on strike because [Jeff] Bezos isn’t paying them enough,” and suggested it would be a “great idea” because it would put the paper out of business for a period of time. “I think a really long strike would be a great idea,” Trump wrote. “Employees would get more money and we would get rid of Fake News for an extended period of time!” Daily Caller
VOA VIEW: The WP is fake news.

Kim Kardashian West Isn’t Opposed To Running For Office
Now don’t go off saying, She’s running, but Kim Kardashian West is open to the idea of running for political office. In an interview on CNN’s The Van Jones Show, Kardashian West told the host that she wasn’t actively thinking about running, but you know, “never say never.” Kardashian West appeared on the show to discuss Alice Marie Johnson, a formerly incarcerated woman who was serving a life sentence without parole for a first-time drug offense, and for whom Kardashian West advocated. On May 30, Kardashian West went to the White House and asked Donald Trump to pardon Johnson — a request that he surprisingly granted on June 6. The Cut


Trump Lawyer Shrugs Off Roger Stone Meeting With Russian Over Clinton Dirt
Donald Trump’s lawyer said on Sunday he “doubted” the president knew about a newly reported May 2016 meeting between sometime adviser Roger Stone and a Russian offering damaging information about Hillary Clinton, then Trump’s rival for the White House. “I doubt it,” Rudy Giuliani told CNN’s State of the Union. “I certainly didn’t know about it. It’s news to me, I just read it here in the Washington Post.” Guardian
VOA VIEW: Liberal hype.

Pittsburgh Cartoonist Fired After 25 Years, For Making Fun Of Trump
Rob Rogers was terminated on Thursday by the paper for which he had worked for 25 years, after six cartoons in a row were spiked and his employer tried to change his terms of working, he said. His last cartoon depicted a bloated man representing the USA, impaled on a steel girder with “trade war” written on it, waving the Stars and Stripes and saying: “Take that, Canada, Mexico and Europe.” After being fired, Rogers drew Trump shaking hands with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and saying: “You’re so talented and your people love you, look how they’re smiling!” Guardian
VOA VIEW: Pitiful display of ignorance.

Former U.S. Ambassador To Mexico Calls Trump's Immigration Policies 'Un-American'
In her first interview since resigning in May, former U.S. ambassador to Mexico, Roberta Jacobson, gives a blistering critique of the Trump administration's "zero-tolerance" immigration agenda. Jacobson tells NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro enforcement actions that result in children being separated from their parents, as well as a recent decision to narrow the definition of what qualifies someone for asylum, are "draconian" and "un-American." NPR
VOA VIEW: Jacobson is an idiot.

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Rescue Ships Holding More Than 600 Migrants Reach Spain
After spending seven days at sea, 630 migrants arrived at the Spanish port of Valencia Sunday morning. Their arrival marked an end to a more than 800-mile journey that began off the coast of Libya where the migrants were rescued by the ship Aquarius. Upon arrival in Valencia, migrants were given preliminary health checks and then began to disembark as Spanish authorities started working on collecting details on their identities. The first migrant to complete the process was a 29-year-old man from South Sudan, according to the Associated Press. NPR

Samuel L. Jackson Under Fire For Alleged Homophobic Tweet
Tough-talking actor Samuel L. Jackson wished President Donald Trump a happy birthday on Friday, but the Twitterverse took exception to the perceived anti-gay slurs in the message and laid their vengeance upon him. Jackson’s tweet: “Must have been a party at The White House, Mitch, Paul, Rudy & others were spotted wearing knee pads & carrying these lined up outside. Happy Birthday.” NY Post
VOA VIEW: More liberal garbage.

Trump Slams Critics Of His North Korean Summit
President Trump on Sunday assailed the “Fake News” media and critics who claimed he gave away too much at his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by saying “we got so much for peace in the world.” “The denuclearization deal with North Korea is being praised and celebrated all over Asia. They are so happy,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Over here, in our country, some people would rather see this historic deal fail than give Trump a win, even if it does save potentially millions & millions of lives!?” NY Post
VOA VIEW: Expected from the liberal lift.

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Roseanne Spinoff One Step Closer To Happening At ABC
With ratings that good, we guess ABC would be fools not to try to make something work, anyway. Following its cancellation due to a racist tweet from Roseanne Barr, ABC is still in the midst of securing a Barr-less Roseanne spinoff, with the network getting one step closer in doing so. Per THR, Barr has agreed that a spinoff, should it happen, can continue forward as long as the series retains her appropriate credit and grants her “substantial fees and backend on any spinoff.”  Vulture
VOA VIEW: The show will not work the same without a Roseanne character.

Insiders Want Trump To Pardon Junk Bond "King" Michael Milken
Michael Milken is not giving up on having his securities fraud convictions overturned, and now it looks as though he may have the help to make it happen. In what has been a decades long endeavor for Milken, he is finally gaining traction to cosmetically repair his record by having his convictions from the 1980's overturned, Bloomberg reported today. Zero Hedge

What Father’s Day Looks Like For Separated Families
As elementary school teachers in South Williamsburg, we see the trauma that President Donald Trump’s policies inflict on immigrant communities on a daily basis. We are intimately familiar with the damage that separation from a parent can do to a child. We are also trained to put the needs of our children first, and on Father’s Day, that means speaking out against the Trump administration’s anti-immigrant agenda. It means saying loud and clear that immigration policies that result in family separation? whether at the border or within the United States? are needless, shortsighted and cruel. Huff Post

Turning To Hollywood For Help Shows Democrats Haven’t Learned A Thing
Five hundred-plus days after Donald Trump was sworn in as president, the Democratic Party, of which I’m a proud member, is still just as mired in its own abyss as it was on Election Night 2016. Faced with perhaps the best opportunity they’ll ever have to grow and expand its ranks for years to come, party officials are instead squandering this gift ? falling into Trump’s troll traps and fighting internal battles, including who should lead the party if they retake Congress in November.  Huff Post

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