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Trump would accept 'a little delay' on Kavanaugh
President Trump said Monday he’s willing to accept a delay in the GOP’s push to quickly confirm his pick for the Supreme Court in order to sort out new allegations, but said he’s still backing his man, Judge Brett Kavanaugh. “Never even had a little blemish on his record,” Mr. Trump said. The president said he hasn’t spoken with the judge since allegations became public last week that the judge, while a high school student, attempted to force himself on another student. But Mr. Trump brushed aside the suggestion that Judge Kavanaugh withdraw: “What a ridiculous question.” The president said Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who has accused the judge, deserves to be heard, but said the process has been tainted after Democrats had her allegation in hand in July but didn’t pursue it until last week — after the judge had sat for two days’ worth of questions. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Good and smart position by Trump.

Eliminating 'most problematic' federal regulations saves taxpayers $1.3 billion this year
The Trump administration ripped up federal regulations at a record pace this year and saved taxpayers $1.3 billion, double the goal set by the president, according to an American Action Forum analysis. Casey Mulligan, chief economist of the President Trump’s Council of Economic Advisers, said the budget savings are actually higher because the Obama administration underestimated the cost of its red tape. Government budget scorekeepers use the estimated budget cost at implementation to assess savings from a rollback. The same data were used in the analysis. “President Trump is not getting rid of all regulations by any means. But some of the most problematic ones, he’s getting rid of them,” Mr. Mulligan said. Mr. Trump credits deregulation as much if not more than tax cuts with fueling the economic surge. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Good for all Americans.

‘We’re just getting prepared for the worst’: Florence pounds flooded Carolinas as death toll rises to 23
Florence, the once-powerful hurricane that swept across the Carolinas in recent days, has prompted a widespread emergency across all of North Carolina, from the ocean east to mountain west. Floodwaters are expected to push many rivers to all-time highs and could spur life-threatening landslides as the storm’s remnants move west. The storm has been linked to numerous deaths, according to authorities. Follow the storm’s projected path here and read the latest forecasts here.Washington Post

Senate plans to hear Christine Blasey Ford, Brett Kavanaugh on allegations of sexual assault
 Senators considering Judge Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the Supreme Court will delay his confirmation to hear next Monday from Christine Blasey Ford, the California professor who has accused him of sexual assault. The Senate Judiciary Committee postponed a Thursday vote on President Donald Trump's nominee as Senate Republicans scrambled to keep Kavanaugh's confirmation on track. Following a growing chorus of questions about Ford's allegations, the committee agreed to hold a follow-up hearing with both Ford and Kavanaugh next week. The decision came hours after Trump signaled a willingness to delay Kavanaugh’s confirmation for the Supreme Court but said he believes his nominee remains positioned to ultimately win approval. USA Today
VOA VIEW: Dems will look foolish and waste Americans time and money.


U.S. slaps tariffs on another $200 billion in Chinese goods as trade tensions escalate
The U.S. slapped tariffs on another $200 billion in Chinese imports on Monday, ratcheting up ongoing trade tensions between the world’s two largest economic powers. In a statement, President Donald Trump announced he has directed U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer to impose the new tariffs in response to what he said are unfair trade practices by China. “As president, it is my duty to protect the interests of working men and women, farmers, ranchers, businesses, and our country itself,” Trump said. “My administration will not remain idle when those interests are under attack.” The tariffs, announced after financial markets in the U.S. closed, will take effect on Sept. 24 and will initially be set at a rate of 10 percent. That rate will jump to 25 percent on Jan. 1. USA Today
VOA VIEW: China will lose any trade war.

On other side of border, Mexico detaining thousands of migrant children
As the United States grapples with the separation of immigrant families, the same thing is happening across the border in Mexico. When families with children are caught inside Mexico without papers, they are often detained in prison-like conditions and adolescents are often split from their parents. conditions and adolescents are often split from their parents. Mexican law prohibits detaining migrant children, but it happens anyway because state-run children's shelters lack the capacity to handle the tens of thousands of children, mostly from Central American countries. Instead, Mexican immigration authorities detain children and their families and then deport them together after 60 days if there is no political asylum petition. UPI

Texas Rep. Beto O'Rourke on migrant separations
At Austin High School, situated on a hill just a few miles from the Mexican border and with a stunning view of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, U.S. Rep. Beto O'Rourke held his 99th and 100th town hall meetings Monday, taking questions from constituents and veterans. Democrat O'Rourke has been El Paso's congressman since 2013 and these are his final months in that office. In November, O'Rourke hopes to unseat Republican Sen. Ted Cruz in what has become a closely watched race, the most expensive campaign in the current midterm elections. If O'Rourke can take the seat from Cruz, Republicans may lose their Senate majority. UPI
VOA VIEW: O'Rourke wishful thinking.

Complacent Trump Voters May Cost GOP Control of Congress
A private survey conducted for the Republican National Committee and obtained by Bloomberg Businessweek contains alarming news for Republicans hoping to hold on to control of Congress in November: Most Trump supporters don’t believe there’s a threat that Democrats will win back the House. President Trump’s boasts that a “red wave” could increase Republican majorities appear to have lulled GOP voters into complacency, raising the question of whether they’ll turn up at the polls. While most election forecasters, as well as strategists in both parties, believe Democrats are likely to win the 23 seats necessary to take control of the House of Representatives, Republican voters aren’t convinced, the survey shows. Bloomber


Trump orders feds to declassify key FISA documents, text messages in FBI Russia probe
President Trump on Monday ordered the declassification of several key documents related to the FBI's probe of Russian actions during the 2016 presidential election, including 21 pages of an application for a renewed surveillance warrant against former campaign aide Carter Page, and text messages from disgraced FBI figures Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Trump had ordered the documents released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Justice Department "[a]t the request of a number of committees of Congress, and for reasons of transparency." The documents to be declassified also include all FBI reports on interviews with Justice Department official Bruce Ohr and all FBI reports of interviews prepared in connection with all other applications to surveil Carter Page. Fox
VOA VIEW: It may take time, but it will be bad for the FBI and DOJ.

Former CBS4 reporter Gillen accuses station of age and gender discrimination in suit
As an award-winning investigative reporter for CBS4, Michele Gillen used to shine a spotlight on misconduct in South Florida. Now, after she was let go two years ago, Gillen has sued her former employer and accused ex-colleagues of age and gender discrimination along with bullying and harassment. Among those she singles out in her federal lawsuit: CBS4 star investigative reporter and former Miami Herald columnist Jim DeFede, though he is not named as a defendant. CBS4 is the Herald’s news partner. DeFede declined to comment on Monday, but the station denied Gillen’s allegations. Gillen, 63, who joined WFOR-TV as a news reporter in 1997 after working for another CBS affiliate in Los Angeles, says in a lawsuit that the culture of the newsroom was “toxic” toward women. Miami Herald

Russian military aircraft downed by Syrian forces, killing 15; Moscow blames Israeli aggression
An errant missile fired by Syrian forces downed a Russian military jet carrying 15 over the Mediterranean Sea on Monday, prompting finger pointing by Moscow over what is called an "intentional provocation" by Israel. The Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement Tuesday that the Il-20 jet was hit 22 miles off the coast as it was returning to the Russian base near the Syrian city of Lattakia. The Israeli pilots were using the Russian aircraft as a shield and pushed it into the line of fire of the Syrian defense," Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said in a statement. Russia said Israel did not warn it of its operation over Latakia province until one minute before the strikes, which did not give the Russian plane enough time to escape. The Russian defense minister told his Israeli counterpart that Israel is "fully to blame," according to Russian reports. Konashenkov called Israeli military's actions "irresponsible" and viewed them as "hostile," according to Reuters. Fox
VOA VIEW: Blaming Israel is foolish.

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US to slash refugee admissions to historic low of 30,000
The US will allow no more than 30,000 refugees into the country in the coming year, down by a third from last year’s cap, the secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, has announced. The latest cut reflects a victory by White House hardliners on immigration over both the state department and the Pentagon. When Donald Trump took office the ceiling on refugees the US was prepared to welcome each year was 110,000. Trump lowered that to 45,000, and significantly fewer were actually allowed in. The new ceiling marks a historic low since the US Refugee Act was introduced nearly 40 years ago. In announcing the cut, Pompeo said that the US would also process the applications of over 280,000 new asylum seekers, adding that over 800,000 asylum seekers were already in the US awaiting judgment on their claims. Guardian
VOA VIEW: Good start.

Senate passes sweeping legislation to combat opioid epidemic
The Senate on Monday overwhelming approved a sweeping legislative package of bills aimed at combating the nation's deadly opioid epidemic. The bipartisan measure passed 99-1. Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, was the only senator to vote against it. Similar to the House package passed in June, the Senate's Opioid Crisis Response Act of 2018 (OCRA) directs funding to federal agencies to establish or expand programs dealing with prevention, treatment and recovery. NBC

2 million U.S. teens are vaping marijuana, report finds
A school-based survey shows nearly 1 in 11 U.S. students have used marijuana in electronic cigarettes, heightening health concerns about the new popularity of vaping among teens. E-cigarettes typically contain nicotine, but many of the battery-powered devices can vaporize other substances, including marijuana. Results published Monday mean 2.1 million middle and high school students have used them to get high. Vaping is generally considered less dangerous than smoking, because burning tobacco or marijuana generates chemicals that are harmful to lungs. But there is little research on e-cigarettes' long-term effects, including whether they help smokers quit. The rise in teenagers using e-cigarettes has alarmed health officials who worry kids will get addicted to nicotine, a stimulant, and be more likely to try cigarettes. Last week, the Food and Drug Administration gave the five largest e-cigarette makers 60 days to produce plans to stop underage use of their products. CBS


In a complex world, ‘we need to take the right road’
“The stakes are high, we need to take the right road,” said Mr. Laj?ák, in his final address to the 193-member General Assembly. Mr. Laj?ák spoke of “six major trends”, which he observed during his year as the General Assembly President, expressing hope that his observations will be useful as the new high-level debate gets underway. On the first trend – peace – he noted the shift of the global discourse from a reactive approach to one of “sustaining peace.” “But we have a lot of work ahead. Sustaining Peace cannot be, just, a concept – or an aspiration. Rather, it should be seen more like an Operations Manual. Something that guides the real work we do on the ground, every day,” he said. UN

Donald Trump Jr mocks Kavanaugh sexual assault accusations with meme
Donald Trump Jr posted an image to his Instagram account mocking Democrats and seeming to suggest the recent emergence of sexual assault allegations against the supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh were a partisan-minded sabotage tactic from the left. Trump Jr posted the image on Saturday night, when the identity of Christine Blasey Ford, who alleges that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her while they were both in high school, was still anonymous. “Oh boy... the Dems and their usual nonsense games really have him on the ropes now. Finestein [sic] had the letter in July and saved it for the eve of his vote... honorable as always. I believe this is a copy for full transparency,” he wrote in the caption, followed by a series of laughing and American flag emojis. Guardian

'Black-ish' actress Jenifer Lewis dons Nike sweatshirt at Emmy Awards
"Black-ish" actress Jenifer Lewis made more than a fashion statement when she walked on the Emmys red carpet wearing a sweatshirt with Nike's logo on it. The look for Lewis, the "black-ish" actress, came after Nike faced backlash for featuring quarterback Colin Kaepernick as the company's new face. Lewis said she is wearing Nike on the Emmys gold carpet "in support of Colin Kaepernick's protest against police brutality and racial injustice." The 61-year-old actress said Monday that she wants "to speak to the millennials today to let them know they are not alone when they speak out." Kaepernick began a wave of protests from NFL players two seasons ago by kneeling during the national anthem to make a statement against police brutality and racial inequality. The protests have grown into one of the most polarizing issues in sports and prompted a reaction from President Trump, who urged the league to suspend or fire players who demonstrate during the anthem. Fox
VOA VIEW: Kaepernick will not be the face of Niki for very long, or they will all lose.

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Judge denies ex-NY Assembly speaker bail pending appeal
Ex-New York Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver must report to prison as scheduled next month after a judge Monday denied bail pending the appeal of his corruption conviction and seven-year prison term. U.S. District Judge Valerie E. Caproni said in a written opinion that the substance of 74-year-old Sheldon Silver's appeal lacks merit. "The true purpose of Silver's appeal is simply to postpone his day of reckoning," she said. Caproni said Silver, a Democrat, had not raised a substantial question likely to result in a reversal of the jury's verdict or a new trial. She did, however, ease the conditions under which Silver must pay a $1.75 million fine. Silver had complained that he was being forced to sell two residences and liquidate his retirement account, incurring substantial tax liability. Las Vegas Sun

Schumer: FBI should reopen Kavanaugh background check
U.S. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer on Monday called the sexual misconduct allegation brought by a woman against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh extremely credible and said the FBI should reopen its background investigation on the judge. A planned vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination should be put on hold while the FBI investigates the allegation against President Donald Trump’s nominee for the nation’s highest court, Schumer said. “Trying to rush this through on Thursday is an insult to the women of America and an insult to the majesty of the Supreme Court of the United States,” Schumer told ABC’s “The View,” referring to a planned vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Reuters
VOA VIEW: Schumer wants to hold back the nomination until after Midterms in hopes Dems win.

State Department's unclassified email system breached
The US State Department recently detected a breach of its unclassified email system, according to a State Department spokesperson. "The Department recently detected activity of concern in its unclassified email system, affecting less than 1% of employee inboxes," the spokesperson said in a statement. It's not clear when the breach occurred or how long the system was vulnerable. The breach resulted in some employees' personal information being "exposed." There was no detection of any activity in State's classified system, the spokesperson said. "This is an ongoing investigation and we are working with partner agencies, as well as the private-sector service provider, to conduct a full assessment. We will reach out to any additional impacted employees as needed," the spokesperson said. CNN

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Signs that North Korea is ‘maintaining nuclear weapons programme’ – UN political affairs chief
Ms. Di Carlo welcomed the positive announcements made by North Korea, with regards to ending nuclear testing, in April and May, including DPRK’s leader Kim Jong Un’s stated commitment to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. However, she added that Yukiya Amano, the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reported in May that the Agency had observed nuclear signatures consistent with the continued operation of a plutonium production reactor, radiochemical laboratory and alleged uranium enrichment facility in Yongbyon, North Korea. In an IAEA statement released on Monday, Mr. Amano said that “the DPRK’s nuclear activities are clear violations of relevant UN Security Council resolutions and are deeply regrettable. UN

3 options that could await House Democrats after the midterms
If Democrats win the House majority on November 6, they'll soon hold the speaker's gavel for the first time in eight years -- and all eyes would immediately turn to one person: Nancy Pelosi. The caucus will quickly have to decide whether to elect the 78-year-old, 30-year House veteran -- who was the last Democrat to hold the speaker's gavel -- or whether it's time for a new generation of leadership. Whoever gets the job could be a powerful force against the controversial President, who to date has been largely unchecked and rarely challenged by the Republicans who control Congress. That person would likely throw their weight behind Democratic-led investigations into all matters Trump and possibly impeachment of the President. Pelosi is bullish on resuming the speakership, relishing control of the levers of power to take on President Donald Trump. CNN
VOA VIEW: CNN and all other Dems will have a major breakdown if there is no blue wave.

3 generations share 1 problem: Student debt
It is the massive -- and growing -- financial burden weighing on three generations in the U.S.: student debt. Up to 40 percent of Americans have had to put off financial and personal goals in order to repay their college loans, data show. According to a recent survey by AARP and the American Association of Young People, an advocacy group focused on reducing student debt, more than a third of millennials and baby boomers report not being able to buy a a home because of difficulty repaying that debt. A quarter of Gen-Xers said they'd been unable to buy a car because of student loans. The findings are based on a survey of 5,000 adults. The average total student debt by generation among those who carried education loans was similar: $41,000 for millennials (those born between 1981 and 1996, according to the Census Bureau); $39,000 for Gen-X (1965-1980) and $38,000 for boomers (1946 to 1964). That debt is also endangering retirement for some boomers. Roughly a third of Americans in that age range who still carry student loans said repaying the debt hampered them from putting money away. CBS

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