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Take Blame For Government Shutdown? 'F--- That', Trump Reportedly Told Aides
"It's not right and it's very bad for our country," he told a gathering of reporters. But the alternative – which some White House aides reportedly said would have included shouldering much of the blame for another government shutdown – didn’t appeal to the president either. “F--- that,” Trump reported said when faced with the option, sources told the Wall Street Journal. Fox
VOA VIEW: The GOP and TRump look bad - cowardly.

March Of Our Lives Gun Control Rally Kicks Off-Thousands From Around World
People from around the world came together Saturday for the March for Our Lives gun control rally organized by the students of the Florida high school impacted by a deadly school shooting last month. The primary march is taking place in Washington, D.C., on Pennsylvania Avenue at 12 p.m. EST. Some 500,000 people were expected to attend. In addition to Washington, D.C., some 800 sister marches were also being planned in London, Tokyo, Sydney, New York City, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Mumbai, and the city where the shooting occurred: Parkland, Florida. Fox News
VOA VIEW: A waste of time.

Trump Moves To Ban Most Transgender Troops
President Donald Trump on Friday issued orders to ban transgender troops who require surgery or significant medical treatment from serving in the military except in select cases — following through on a controversial pledge last year that has been under review by the Pentagon and is being fought out in the courts. The memorandum, which drew swift condemnation from gender rights groups, states that while the secretary of defense and other executive branch officials will have some latitude in implementing the policy. Politico

Arnoud Beltrame: France Lauds Policeman Who Swapped With Hostage
Tributes are pouring in for a French police officer who died saving the lives of hostages in a supermarket siege by an Islamist gunman on Friday. Lt-Col Arnaud Beltrame, 44, was shot and stabbed after he traded places with one of the captives following a shooting spree in southern France. Flags are being flown at half-mast at gendarmerie bases across France. His brother Cedric said Col Arnaud "didn't have a chance", adding that his actions were "beyond the call of duty". "He gave his life for strangers. He must have known that he didn't really have a chance. BBC
VOA VIEW: A brave hero.


Aides Urge Trump To Expel Russian Envoys Over UK Attack
President Donald Trump’s advisers are poised to recommend that he expel some Russian diplomats from the U.S. in response to the nerve-agent poisoning of a former Russian spy living in the U.K., a person familiar with the matter said. The advisers reached the preliminary recommendations at a National Security Council meeting on Wednesday and honed them on Friday in a gathering that included Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan, according to two people familiar with the meeting. Yahoo

UK Government Raided Cambridge Analytica Office
A United Kingdom regulator has carried out a raid of the office of British data research firm Cambridge Analytica, a firm hired by President Trump's 2016 campaign that is currently caught up in a scandal over alleged misuse of Facebook data. Investigators with the Information Commissioner's Office obtained a search warrant and raided the offices late Friday night, Hill

Koreas To Hold High-Level Talks To Set Up Kim-Moon Summit
The rival Koreas have agreed to hold high-level talks this coming week to prepare for an April summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in, South Korea said Saturday. The summit aims to improve relations and resolve the standoff over the North's nuclear program. Unification Minister Cho Myoung-gyon will lead the South's delegation at the meeting. NY Daily


Protests Rock Sacramento For Second Day After Fatal Shooting Of Unarmed Man
Hundreds of demonstrators calling for justice in the fatal shooting last weekend of 22-year-old Stephon Clark marched for hours and blocked traffic near the California state capitol building on Friday afternoon, according to ABC station KGO. Protesters at one point came face to face with officers clad in riot gear and began chanting "Stephon Clark." "It is indoctrinated into their bloodstream to fear us," said Rev. Brian Levingston, who was among the unofficial organizers of the protest. "But today we stand right now to tell you we are human beings and the United States of America -- this is our country." ABC

Why Nothing Is Going To Happen To Facebook Or Mark Zuckerberg
As Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal spiraled into chaos this week, a frantic hail of notes from Wall Street analysts reached investor inboxes with a clear and definitive directive: Buy. "We view the medium-term and long-term risk-reward on the shares as downright compelling," said RBC analyst Mark Mahaney. “We would urge investors to not lose sight of the areas where FB is doing very well,” said Wells Fargo analysts Ken Sena and Peter Stabler.  Buzz Feed

Hawkish Fed Probably Worse For Market Than China 'Trade War'
The trade war drums beating from Washington to Beijing are getting louder, but this is not the orcs of Middle Earth storming out of the gate ready to crack heads. Everyone and their brother believes something's got to give on intellectual property protections with regards to China. "The U.S. semiconductor industry shares the Trump Administration’s concerns regarding unfair and discriminatory trade practices that put at risk American intellectual property in China," John Neuffer, CEO of the Semiconductor Industry Association. Forbes

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The Unavoidable Folly Of Making Humans Train Self-Driving Cars
THE BRITISH ROYAL Air Force had a problem. It was 1943, and the Brits were using radar equipment to spot German submarines sneaking around off the western coast of France. The young men sitting in planes circling over the Bay of Biscay had more than enough motivation to keep a watchful eye for the telltale blips on the screens in front of them. Yet they had a worrying tendency to miss the signals they’d been trained to spot. Wired

Few Noticed, But Congress Just Banned Restaurants From Skimming Tips
Restaurant servers dodged a bullet this week with a provision tucked into the $1.3 trillion federal spending bill. Late last year, the Department of Labor proposed a rule that would have authorized restaurants to share tips between servers and cooks. That would allow employers to keep some tip money for themselves, as long as each worker made at least the full federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. Workers' rights groups argued the rule change would lower the pay of those who work at restaurants, hotels and bars. Opponents of the rule held splashy public protests. Money CNN

Apple CEO Tim Cook Calls For Stronger Privacy Regulations Following 'Dire' Facebook Data Scandal
Apple CEO Tim Cook attended the annual China Development Forum in Beijing on Saturday, during which he called for stronger data privacy regulations following the "dire" Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal (via Bloomberg). Last week, it was revealed that the social network let Cambridge Analytica amass data on 50 million Facebook users without their consent, in an effort to target messages to voters during the 2016 presidential election. Mac Rumors


GOP Lawmaker: Trump's 'Lack Of Impulse Control' Concerning
Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Pa.) says that President Trump's "lack of impulse control" is cause for concern, after a week of unpredictable moves by the White House that left lawmakers uneasy about key Republican agenda items. Dent told The Associated Press that Trump's off-script statements and responses have been a source of frustration for lawmakers in both parties, after the president suggested he might veto a key spending bill this week that the White House assured congressional leaders he would sign. Hill

Why Trump's New White House Appointments Are Raising Concerns
The US president says he is finally getting the cabinet that he wants, but the appointments of John Bolton and Gina Haspel, and moving Mike Pompeo to secretary of state, have left some worried about what it is that he wants. Donald Trump's appointment of the hawkish John Bolton as national security adviser has raised questions internationally. Bolton has previously pushed for pre-emptive bombing of Iran and North Korea. Al Jazeera

Biden: I Shouldn't Have Said I'd Kick Trump's Ass
He didn’t mean to suggest he’d kick the president’s ass now. He only meant that he would have kicked the president’s ass then. Back in high school. tipping. When they were both gearing up to show the Viet Cong what badasses they were. It’s been fun this week watching Democratic pundits wrestle with whether Biden calling out Trump is a good thing or bad thing. Good thing, says Bill Scher, echoing my point that it may take a fake tough guy to beat a fake tough guy among working-class voters in 2020: Hot Air

Melania Trump Rides Solo To Air Force One, Again
The day after a CNN interview with a former Playboy model who claims to have had a 10-month affair with her husband, first lady Melania Trump opted to leave President Donald Trump alone for the ride from the White House to Andrews Air Force Base. The official White House schedule, released Thursday evening, stated the first couple would depart the White House together aboard Marine One en route to Joint Base Andrews, but Mrs. Trump did not appear beside her husband. CNN reached out to the first lady's communications office for an explanation or comment on the change in plan but did not receive a response. CNN
VOA VIEW: CNN has lost all reason.

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McDougal On Photo With Melania: I Tried To Keep My Distance
Donald Trump once tried to offer Karen McDougal money after they had been intimate, the former Playboy model told Anderson Cooper Thursday in an exclusive interview on CNN. “After we had been intimate, he tried to pay me, and I actually didn’t know how to take that,” she said of their first alleged sexual encounter. When Cooper asked if Trump tried to hand her money, McDougal said, “He did.” “I don’t even know how to describe the look on my face,” she said. “It must have been so sad.” McDougal appeared on CNN to tell her story of an alleged affair she had with now-President Donald Trump over a decade ago and its emotional fallout, as well as to air her grievances with the company she’s suing over the story. WTVR
VOA VIEW: Ten years later - believe if you are foolish.

Vanessa Trump Likes DT Jr.'s Tweet Amid Divorce
Vanessa Trumpand Donald TrumpJr.’s looming divorce hasn’t stopped the estranged couple from keeping it cordial on social media. The former model, 40, liked a post the businessman shared on Twitter on Friday, March, 24. He posted a photo of himself with two friends holding a large fish, captioned, “Awesome day on the water with Donnie (Who caught his first sailfish and then followed that up with 2 others!!!) We went 15 for 19 on sails and caught some Mahi and skipjack as well. All sailfish released fast to grow bigger and make more.” AOL

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Mom's Purchase Hints Vanessa Trump Could Be Getting Massive Divorce Settlement
There has been speculation about a secret and very large settlement between Donald Trump Jr . and estranged wife Vanessa after it was revealed her mother bought the Fifth Avenue apartment of former Fox News boss Roger Ailes for $6.4 million — in cash. Real estate sources have confirmed to Page Six that Vanessa’s mom, Bonnie Kay Haydon, bought apartment 14A at 1049 Fifth Ave. in September from Ailes’ widow, Elizabeth. We are told the apartment is undergoing an extensive renovation expected to run past the $1 million mark. NY Post

Ivanka Trump's Latest Photo Op Became A Meme Because Of Course It Did
First Daughter Ivanka Trump‘s photo ops have a way of turning into memes, so it shouldn’t have surprised anyone that when she donned a lab coat and safety goggles the internet would react. Since her father got into politics, the White House adviser has received mixed reactions from even fairly standard photo opportunities, whether it’s an Instagram with her husband in formal wear or an awkward hug with a senator. Time

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