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NEWS   SUNDAY, 20 , 2018   NEWS

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Marry At St. George's Chapel
They did it! After a week dominated by Meghan Markle’s family drama, the “Suits” star exchanged vows with Prince Harry at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle in front of A-list guests including Oprah Winfrey and George Clooney, and, of course, the royal family. As Meghan walked down the aisle, Prince Harry appeared to tear up. She joined him at the front of the chapel and their wedding ceremony began. At the altar, Harry told Meghan, "You look amazing." Fox News
VOA VIEW: The marriage will not last.

Gunman Arrested At Trump Resort Was Porn Actor Who Adored Melania
Jonathan Oddi, 42, of Doral, Florida, was arrested Friday after he stormed the hotel lobby of Trump’s Miami-area golf resort and opened fire at a chandelier. For unknown reasons, he draped an American flag from the resort’s property over a lobby counter while spraying bullets. He also pointed his gun at several people and shouted “anti-Trump” rhetoric before waiting for police to confront him, Miami-Dade Police Director Juan Perez said. Fox News

China Will 'Significantly Increase' Purchases Of US Goods And Services
After weeks of tensions, China and the United States have reached an initial agreement on trade. Both parties said in a joint statement on Saturday that China has agreed to "significantly increase" purchases of US goods and services, in order to reduce the trade imbalance between the two countries. This was a top demand of the Trump administration during two days of trade talks in Washington with Chinese officials. CNN Money
VOA VIEW: Looks like Trump won, again.

Texas Official Blames School Shooting On Too Many Exits And Entrances
Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick blamed Friday's massacre at a high school near Houston in part on "too many entrances and too many exits" on the campus, prompting some to mock his perspective as "door control." "From what we know, this student walked in ... with a long coat and a shotgun under his coat," said Patrick, a Republican who has an A+ rating from the National Rifle Association. CNN


20 Evangelical Priests Among Those Killed In Cuban Plane Crash
Twenty evangelical priests are among more than 100 people killed when a plane crashed outside of Havana on Friday, according to The Associated Press. “On that plane were 10 couples of pastors. 20 people. All of the Nazarene Church in the eastern region,” confirmed Maite Quesada, a member the Cuban Council of Churches. The group spent several days at a meeting in the capital and were returning to their homes and places of worship in the province of Holguin. On Saturday afternoon, the AP cited the Cuban transportation minister as saying that 110 people were killed in the accident. NBC

Reverend Surprises With Sermon Touching On Civil Rights At Royal Wedding
British royal weddings aren’t known for their soaring reflections on redemption, justice and civil rights. But that’s what millions around the world got Saturday when the Most Rev. Michael Bruce Curry quoted a slave song and a speech by slain American civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding. NBC
VOA VIEW: High level mixed marriage that will not last.

Melania Trump Leaves Hospital
First Lady Melania Trump left the hospital Saturday after being treated for a benign kidney condition for five days. "The First Lady returned home to the White House this morning," said Stephanie Grisham, the first lady's communications director in a CNN report. "She is resting comfortably and remains in high spirits. Our office has received thousands of calls and emails wishing Mrs. Trump well, and we thank everyone who has taken the time to reach out." UPI


China Lands Nuclear Bombers On South China Sea Island
The Chinese military landed a strategic bomber for the first time Saturday on an island reef in the South China Sea, something the U.S. Department of Defense said is raising tension and destabilizing the region. A Chinese state news agency said the People's Liberation Army Air Force sent the bombers to conduct drills in its "southern waters." Several bombers, including the advanced H-6K, was conducting take-off and landing drills on an island reef. UPI
VOA VIEW; China is pushing the envelope.

Venezuela Accuses US Of Sabotaging Election With New Sanctions
The U.S. ramped up pressure on President Nicolas Maduro’s government on Friday, accusing him of profiting from illegal narcotics shipments and imposing sanctions against the No. 2 official in the ruling Socialist Party, Diosdado Cabello. The United States has already imposed sanctions against Maduro for human rights abuses and blamed him for Venezuela’s current economic and political crises. But Friday marked the first time that Washington publicly linked Maduro to the drug trade. Reuters

Today's Gun Debate Has Echoes Of The LIRR Shootings Era
Nearly 25 years ago, Colin Ferguson stalked through a Long Island Rail Road train as it pulled into the Merillon Avenue station, killing six and wounding 19 with a Ruger P89 9 mm pistol — an act that sent shock waves through New York and the nation. That 1993 rampage occurred amid an extraordinary two-year period of soaring crime, spiking gun murders and mass public shootings that spurred Congress to pass the strictest gun laws in a generation: the Brady Act gun-buyer background checks and an assault weapon ban. Newsday

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Mike Pompeo Will Lay Out 'Comprehensive Strategy' On Iran
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is expected to spell out a new “comprehensive strategy” toward Iran on Monday. The speech in Washington, DC, comes after President Trump pulled out of the 2015 deal aimed at curbing Iran’s nuclear program. Pompeo will cover how the US, Europe and other nations can rein in Iran’s nuclear and conventional weapons capabilities, Politico reported. NY Post

North Korean Military Officer Defects To South
Two North Koreans defected to South Korea early on Saturday and were found in the Yellow Sea, Seoul-based news agency Yonhap reported, citing a government source. Yonhap said that South Korean military spotted two people in a boat near the inter-Korean sea border, one of whom was a military officer, and they showed willingness to defect to the South. South Korea’s unification ministry was not immediately available for comment. NY Post
VOA VIEW: The end is ...

8 Students, 2 Teachers Killed In Santa Fe High School Shooting
After the chaos of a deadly school shooting, parents, relatives and friends scramble to find their loved ones, while authorities set about the work of providing medical attention to the wounded and identifying the bodies of those who are killed. Eight students and two teachers died during the 15-minute assault at Santa Fe High School in Texas on Friday. Thirteen others were wounded in the worst school shooting since 17 people were killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., two months ago. NPR


Iraq: Anti-US Cleric Moqtada Al-Sadr's Bloc Confirmed As Election Winners
A political bloc led by populist cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, a long-time adversary of the US who also opposes Iranian influence in Iraq, has been confirmed as the winner of the country’s parliamentary election, the electoral commission said on Saturday. Sadr himself cannot become prime minister as he did not run in the election, though his bloc’s victory puts him in a position to have a strong say in negotiations. His Sairoon electoral list captured 54 parliamentary seats. Guardian

FEMA Denies Contract Extension In Puerto Rico, Power Crews Head Home
For more than a week, Puerto Rico's representative in Congress has been urging the Federal Emergency Management Agency to extend the contract under which mainland power crews have been helping repair the island's power grid. On Thursday, FEMA denied that request, while approving a separate one by Puerto Rico's governor to maintain hundreds of emergency generators on the island. The decision means that Friday is the last day that line restoration crews hired by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will work to restore power in Puerto Rico, leaving the rest of the job to crews working for PREPA, the island's power utility. NPR

Immigration Issue Blows Up Farm Bill
Republicans in Congress are like a Christmas present; you never know what you get until you open the box. In the case of the farm bill considered yesterday in the House, it should have been an easy political gift. While it hardly qualified as a conservative piece of legislation, there were some very nice elements in it, including toughening work requirements for able-bodied Americans who want food stamps. PJ Media

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The Inspector General's Report Will Expose The MSM As Treasonous
One of the more notable differences between Watergate and the metastasizing scandals involving the FBI, our intelligence agencies, and the Obama administration -- subjects of the soon-to-be-released inspector general's report -- is that the media exposed Watergate. They aided and abetted the current transgressions. By providing a willing and virtually unquestioned repository for every anonymous leaker (as long as he or she was on the "right" side) in Washington and beyond, the press has evolved from being part of the solution to being a major part of the problem. Gone are the days of the true "whistle-blower." PJ Media

Cambridge Professor Spied On Trump Campaign Advisers
A top-secret CIA and FBI source who spied on two Trump campaign advisers and initiated contact with a third was all but outed Friday night. The New York Times and The Washington Post provided a detailed description of the source in articles published Friday night, but did not identify him by name, citing concerns about his physical safety. But the reports match up exactly with a Cambridge University professor first described in a Daily Caller News Foundation report from March. That professor, Stefan Halper, contacted Trump advisers Carter Page, George Papadopoulos and Sam Clovis during the 2016 campaign. Daily Caller
VOA VIEW: The CIA, FBI and DOJ are guilty of wrong.

Sarah Sanders: Jim Acosta Not Up To The Challenge Of Interviewing President Trump
White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders took a swipe at CNN’s Jim Acosta and his desire to “go one-on-one with President Trump” during an interview Friday night with Fox News host Sean Hannity. “I don’t think there has ever been a more hostile news media in the country than there has been to President Trump. I think it’s obvious,” Hannity told Sanders to start the interview. Daily Caller
VOA VIEW: Acosta is an idiot.

Democrat Primary TV Forum ‘Hacked’ By Streaming Gay Porn… Russian Dirty Tricks?
A Democratic candidate’s online forum was cancelled on Thursday night after the live stream was “hacked” by gay porn. The moderators immediately shut down the stream and apologized. An online forum featuring two candidates for California’s 1st District U.S. Congressional seat was interrupted when the internet feed was hacked during the live conference. The organization Independent Like the North State presented the forum, which was open to the seven candidates vying for incumbent Doug LaMalfa’s seat. Only two candidates, Lewis Elbinger, Green Party candidate from Mount Shasta, and David Peterson, Democrat from Grass Valley, were present. Gateway Pundit

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Starbucks: No Purchase Needed To Sit In Cafes, Use Restroom
Starbucks is announcing a new policy that allows anyone to sit in its cafes or use its restrooms, even if they don't buy anything. The new policy comes five weeks after two black men who hadn't bought anything were arrested at a Philadelphia Starbucks. Company executives have said its previous policies were loose and ambiguous, leaving decisions on whether people could sit in its stores or use the restroom up to store managers. Newsday

Judge Dismisses Tantaros’ Lawsuit Against Fox News for Lacking ‘Factual Support’
Tantaros filed suit in in April 2017 alleging that Fox News’s founding chairman, Roger Ailes, sexually harassed her, surreptitiously had a close-circuit TV system record female Fox employees as they changed on the premises, hacked her and had hacked into her Gmail account and her Blackberry. She also claimed that Ailes and the network’s executives retaliated against her after she complained about being sexually harassed by scheming to create fake social media accounts, known as “sock puppets,” that defamed her online. Gateway Pundit

Chuck Schumer Tells GOP: Pursuit Of FBI Informant's Identity Comes Close To Crossing Legal Line
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., on Saturday warned Republicans that their efforts to uncover the identity of a secret FBI source in a possible attempt to undermine special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation is nearing a legal line. Schumer tweeted support of Sen. Mark Warner's, D-Va., statement cautioning Republicans to stop pressing the Justice Department for more information about a source that is presumed to have helped the FBI and Mueller's probe into potential Trump campaign dealings with Russia. Washington Post
VOA VIEW: Why do Dems fear the truth?

Obama Education Secretary: No Children Should Go To School Until Gun Laws Are Changed
Former Education Secretary Arne Duncan said parents should pull their children out of school until Congress passes gun control legislation. "What if no children went to school until gun laws changed to keep them safe?" Duncan tweeted Saturday. Duncan, who served as secretary under President Obama, called the step "tragically necessary." Washington Examiner
VOA VIEW: Fools will always act like fools.

Roger Stone Says Trump May Not Run In 2020
Longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone pledged to have someone lined up to challenge Vice President Mike Pence should he run for president in 2020. During an interview Friday with Big League Politics, a right-wing news website, Stone suggested that President Trump may not ultimately run for re-election if his first term is adequately successful and denounced the possibility of a 2020 ticket with Pence and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley. Washington Examiner

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